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Relaxed Dentistry

We work hard to give you the best! When you are relaxed, we are too. No effort is spared to ensure that all your questions are answered, all your doubts are laid to rest, and all the possibilities are clear before your eyes. After all … they are your teeth … it is your right to know, understand, and chose what happens to them. So smile! There is nothing to fear.

Laughing gas or sleepless sedation In the course of the sedation we use a relaxation gas that is to diminish anxiety and the patient’s fear of the dental treatment they will be subject to. The gas creates a state of relaxation for the patient without any side effects. Patients, who need dental services, are usually afraid of the dental treatment, so there is an increasing need not only for the painless treatment, but also for the fearless and phobia-proof one. The relaxing gas decreases the patient’s fear and phobia of a dental treatment.

This gas relaxes the patient by which:
• pain threshold of the patient increases, so painkilling becomes stronger
• patient remains sleepless and collaborating
• gullet-reflexes remain working
• treatment is faster